Top 4 Trails and Historic Sites in St. John

Top 4 Trails and Historic Sites in St. John

In the heart of the Caribbean, St. John beckons those seeking a blend of natural wonders and history. As you contemplate the allure of a St. John USVI vacation, it's essential to explore the island's top trails and historic sites that define its unique character. Whether you're a nature enthusiast, or someone yearning for panoramic views, St. John offers a wide array of experiences waiting to be discovered.

Johnny Horn Trail

For those seeking a breathtaking vantage point, the Johnny Horn Trail promises an exhilarating hike with panoramic views that stretch as far as the eye can see. As you ascend through verdant hills and tropical foliage, the trail gradually unveils a stunning panorama of St. John's coastline and neighboring islands. This vantage point, perched atop the island's hills, is a photographer's paradise and a tranquil spot to reflect on the beauty of the Caribbean. The Johnny Horn Trail encapsulates the essence of St. John's natural beauty, providing a sensory journey through its diverse landscapes.

Yawzi Point Trail

For those yearning to explore St. John's pristine coastline and discover secluded havens, the Yawzi Point Trail is a must-embark adventure. This coastal trail winds its way through lush greenery, leading to hidden coves and pristine beaches. As you traverse the path, the sound of the waves and the rustling leaves create a symphony of nature. Yawzi Point, with its secluded beach, offers a serene escape where you can bask in the beauty of untouched shores. The trail exemplifies the untouched and secluded aspects of St. John, showcasing the untamed beauty that complements the island's more frequented spots.


Perched on the island's central hills, the ruins of Catherineberg showcase the grandeur of an 18th-century estate. Explore the remnants of the great house, and windmill, all of which offer a glimpse into St. John's colonial era. As you hike through the Catherineberg ruins, surrounded by the island's lush greenery, you'll feel transported to a different time, appreciating the resilience and history embedded in St. John's landscapes.

Salt Pond & Drunk Bay

These two short trails are interconnected on the south shore of St. John. Combined, they stretch about 1.1 miles long and lead hikers to gorgeous beaches with clear blue water. The waves at Drunk Bay Beach are slightly rougher, as the beach is unprotected from the Atlantic Ocean.

Ram Head Trail

This trail begins right near Salt Pond Beach and is moderately difficult. With little shade blocking your views of the ocean, this trail offers stunning vista after stunning vista. Keep in mind it’s about 2.3 miles each way, so you’ll want to budget at least an hour and a half for this one.

Lind Point Trail

Head to downtown Cruz Bay and you’ll find the trailhead right behind the Visitor Center. This mostly flat trail stretches about a mile one way and boasts sparkling views of Cruz Bay. You’ll adore this one if you’re on the hunt for a gentle hike.

Reef Bay

No list of St. John trails would be complete without a mention of Reef Bay. This five-mile trail, which will take anywhere from four to six hours to complete, is ideal for exploring Virgin Islands National Park. Pace yourself, as the return trip is uphill.

Brown Bay Trail

If you’re visiting St. John in the winter, you’ll find this is the perfect time to try the Brown Bay Trail. This is also a less-traversed trail, so if your goal is to find peace and seclusion in nature, Brown Bay Trail is ideal.

Your St. John Exploration Awaits

As you envision your life on this enchanting island, consider the richness of St. John's trails and historic sites that await your exploration. Whether you're trekking through the centuries on the Reef Bay Trail, admiring the world below from the Johnny Horn Trail, or uncovering hidden coves along the Yawzi Point Trail, St. John's landscapes unfold as a tapestry of natural wonders. The cobblestone streets of Cruz Bay and the ruins of Catherineberg contribute to the island's unique character.

If these experiences resonate with your vision of the perfect island lifestyle, Bonvi Hospitality Group invites you to reach out and explore the possibilities of St. John USVI vacation rentals. Discover the beauty, history, and serenity that define this Caribbean paradise, and let us guide you in finding the perfect residence to call your own. Your St. John exploration awaits — contact us today to begin your journey into the heart of this extraordinary island.

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