Airport Transfers

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Are you planning a trip to the beautiful island of St. John in the United States Virgin Islands? Let Bonvi Hospitality Group take care of your airport transfer. We understand that traveling can be stressful, but with our services, we ensure your arrival and departure are seamless and comfortable.


Airport Transfer Options

Getting to St. John may involve multiple modes of transportation, but at Bonvi Hospitality Group, we have partnered with reputable water taxi operators and professional taxi drivers to provide you with convenient options

  1. Water Taxis: Enjoy a scenic and hassle-free transfer from the airport to St. John's picturesque coastline. Our trusted water taxi partners offer reliable services, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride. Feel the refreshing sea breeze and take in the stunning views of the Caribbean as you make your way to your destination.

  2. Taxi Services: For those who prefer a more traditional mode of transportation, we have partnered with experienced taxi drivers who are familiar with the island's routes and can swiftly take you to your desired location. Sit back, relax, and let our professional drivers handle your transfer.

  3. Helicopter Services: For an ultra luxury experience book a private helicopter transfer from STT to St. John. 

Why Choose Bonvi Hospitality Group?

We go the extra mile to cater to your needs and make your stay on St. John as convenient as possible. 

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